Dream away at the thought of endless vineyards, a sparkling glass of champagne and… the Eiffel Tower. All these elements come together in Champagne Koechlin.

Champagne Koechlin and the Eiffel Tower

What do the Eiffel Tower and champagne have in common? In case of champagne house Koechlin: everything! The Eiffel Tower is in fact designed by Maurice Koechlin. He was chief engineer associated with Gustave Eiffel who gave his name to the famous Parisian Tower. Today, one of his relatives is based in Champagne where he has his own vineyards maintaining vines of sometimes more than 35 years old.
From pruning and picking of the grapes to pressing in the wooden, traditional press and bottling the champagne: everything comes together here with independent craftsmanship to create the best champagne possible. Koechlin therefore rightfully deserves to carry the stamp “RM” (récoltant manipulant) on its labels.

The Champagnes of Koechlin

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Cooking with Champagne

The most delicious dishes may be created or enriched with champagne. In collaboration with renowned chefs, Champagne Koechlin has developed tutorials
in which its champagne is used or deliciously matched. Be inspired!

Champagne cart

In the garden, at the office, at your home, or on the heath … We can serve the most delicious champagne at any location with our antique and traditional cargo bike.
The costs for booking (us and) the Champagne cart depend on the type of champagne you want to serve, the time booked, the number of guests and obviously the location. We are happy work together with you!